So Who Are We?

Brief answer, we are you hassle- free tickets to discovering Africa. Your escape from the daily grind into life changing experience.  We are travellers just like you and after many years of travelling here in Africa and some countries in Europe, we know what you want and we aren’t scared of overdelivering. Forget creating your own itineraries or choose your accommodation, transport, excursion or active adventure, we will sort if for you.  You are safe with us and We are beside you every step of the way.
Aside from being travelers we have also had opportunities in work in tourism industry for over 15 years.  We are dedicated in provide the best quality service and to make a clients fall in Love with our beautiful country and Africa in general. So, come out here. Do your own, spontaneous, this- is- what-you- came- for’ because you know what? Every single second, counts.
Jirafa Africana Safaris crafts and customized itineraries to just about anywhere in Africa and for almost every type of traveler. From Serengeti game drive in search of the ‘Big five “to the descend of the 8th wonder of the world. Jirafa Africana Safaris turn your dream to Africa into reality.

You dream. We Plan and take you there”.

We take you to the world’s most amazing places. When adventure is knocking, Jirafa Africana Safaris makes it easy to open the door. It’s just you, your camera and nature at its best. We will build the best vacation possible for you and your loved one. That include everything from the first day you touch that button and sent us inquiry to the last day you return home.

Jirafa Africana Safaris exclusive quality and value guarantee, gives our travellers the confidence to make plans knowing we will meet the lofty expectations we set, and that the prices we charge reflect the exceptional quality of the experience we provide. We promise to do everything we can to make your safaris with us will be a Trip of a lifetime!
The standard we set at Jirafa Africana Safaris are very high. And we are so confident that we will meet those expectations, of course we cannot control natural circumstance such as weather and wildlife movements and they do sometimes vary from expected patterns for instance “The great migration” but we will advise you when and at what time is good for travelling as we have many years of experience and the best journey Designer with years of experience. And when it comes to inclusions such as activities, Vehicle, accommodation we have arranged for you, we will deliver – or we will
compensate you! Incase anything goes wrong.